Church Membership

Qualifications and Admissions
The membership of this church shall consist of such persons as confess Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord.  Persons may be received into membership by any of the following methods and must complete all new member classes for which a certificate will be given:

By Baptism:
A person who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and adopts substantially the views of faith and principles of this Church and is baptized by immersion may be received into the fellowship of the Church.

By Letter:
A person, who is in substantial accord with the beliefs and the principles of this Church, as stated in Article III of this Church Constitution, may be received by letter from any other Christian Church.

By Experience:
A believer of worthy character who has formerly been a member of a Christian Church, but who for a sufficient reason cannot present a letter from that church, but who is in substantial accord with the beliefs of the faith and principles of this Church as stated in Article III of this Church Constitution may be received upon statement of experience.

By Restoration:
A person who has lost membership may be restored or reinstated to membership upon recommendation of the Deacons Ministry.  Lost membership is defined as a person who no longer knows or practices the qualifications or admissions of membership as a church member.  The Tribe Leader will contact their member and ensure that the member understands the restoration by-laws of the Church Constitution.

By Watch-care:
A person who is a member of another Christian Church but resides temporarily in this community may be received into membership of the Church for a period up to one year.  Students may unite with the church under watch-care membership with an assigned tribe leader while they are enrolled in a local institution.

Policy:  The management of this Church is and shall be congregational.  All members are equal and alike in voting responsibilities (Matthew 20:24-28).  The Church is and shall be independent in its government while taking care never to conflict with the Bible, the written word of God.

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