Youth Ministries

General Mission/Vision Statement
We are connecting with youth in an appropriate way, so they can understand that God is relevant to them today. Our mission is to preach, teach, lead, and live the Christian life so that it will excite, capture, ignite and inspire young people to be Christ followers as well as tomorrow's Christian leaders.

Children's Church Ministry
Mission Statement-Our mission is to teach the youth the Word of God so that they can grow in their knowledge of the Bible and learn how to apply it to their lives daily.

Summary-Youth Church offers youth an opportunity to worship God with their peers in a way that is meaningful to them. During youth church, the youth experience true praise and worship through music, drama, dance, and games. A message is also delivered to the youth to address the challenges they are facing today. Youth ages 3 through grades 12 are welcomed every Sunday.

Praise Dance Ministry
Mission Statement-The purpose of the Praise Dance Ministry is to glorify God through dance; increase self-esteem and confidence of our youths and provide an additional opportunity for participants to worship God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the Praise Dance Ministry is to give the youth the opportunity to develop, discover, and praise God through spiritual dance.
Scripture: Psalm 150:4

Summary-Praise Dance Ministry provides a way for the congregation to visualize and better understand praise and worship through choreographed dance. This ministry serves the community by providing a positive opportunity for youth to channel their time, energy and talent into a productive experience. The Praise Dance Ministry consists of two groups: 1) Praise Angels-This group is for ages 3 through 7. 2) Praise Dancers/Steppers-This group is for age 8 through high school seniors.

Youth Choir Ministry
Mission Statement-The purpose of the youth choir is to glorify God through songs and to give our youth an opportunity to use their voices to express themselves in songs unto God.
Scripture: Psalm 147:1

Summary-Youth Choir provides music for the morning worship service on the fourth Sunday of every month. Participants range from age 3 years old through high school seniors.

Youth Ushers' Ministry
Mission-The purpose of the Youth Ushers' Ministry is to teach and to develop our youths to be a doorkeeper in the house of God. The youth are given the opportunity to operate in the Ministry of Helps.
Scripture: Psalm 84:10

Summary-The Youth Ushers serve at the morning worship on the 5th Sunday of the month. Participants range from age 5 years old through high school seniors.

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